Uses of Pallet Covers

The primary use of pallet covers is to protect goods from the any unwanted material or substance. Many businesses have benefited from the cheap and effective way polythene pallet covers are used to safeguard their goods. Pallet Covers prevent dust and other contaminants from spoiling goods and naturally repel water.

By being able to store goods in a yard you can often cut down on storage overheads significantly. However there is a need to protect the goods from the elements in these situations. This is where a pallet cover becomes incredibly useful. Pallet covers are both fast to deploy and waterproof.

Another primary reason companies opt to use pallet covers is for load stabilisation, particularly during transit. A load with a pallet cover on it (particularly when a heat shrink gun is used) is going to be much more stable than a loose pallet of goods. A sealed pallet of goods is also a less tempting target to thieves. It’s often very easy to see if a pallet cover has been ripped open.

A lot of companies are moving away from using polythene shrink wrap and turning to pallet covers as an alternative. One of the primary reasons for this is that shrink wrap often comes loose and has a tendency to clutter warehouse floors. From there is makes it way into the wheels of cages and machinery and removing it becomes a huge cost. Pallet covers are all one piece, and are far less likely to get strewn around a warehouse floor.