Using Tinted Pallet Covers to Segregate Goods

Tinted pallet covers are very useful when segregating goods that shouldn’t mix. Raw meats and cooked should never be placed on the same pallet as this can lead to deadly food poisoning and a potential lawsuit. Red Tinted Pallet Covers can be very useful in designating a pallet as a meat only pallet. This ensures everyone in your organisation can identify that pallet as meat only at a moments glance.

Other goods that are better off being isolated are hazardous chemicals. You definitely don’t want these anywhere near food.

Stock rotation is another reason a lot of companies are buying tinted pallet covers. Using different coloured pallet covers to designate different expiry dates makes it easy for your staff to know they are using the correct goods on the correct date. Yellow Tinted Pallet Covers can be used to signify goods that are approaching their sell by date and therefore should be used first.

When using tinted pallet covers it is important that everyone in your organisation knows what each colour symbolises. Otherwise this can lead to problematic mix ups. The same applies to any 3rd party organisations you are may be sending and receiving goods from.