The Need for Skip Covers

Skip covers are incredibly useful, and here are 5 ways a cover can help you.

1. A high quality cover will help prevent rodents being attracted to your skip. Rodents are vectors for disease and will be attracted to any skip that has food items in it. This is a major issue, particularly if your business is open to the public or is part of the hospitality and catering industry. This can also be a major concern for any medical institutions and even private homes, where skips are often used.

2. A skip fitted with a decent cover will be a deterrent to unauthorised dumping. Having strangers fill up your skip with their junk is both very common and costly. This increases the amount of skips you will need and you may fall foul of exceeding the maximum fill limit on the skip. Having a cover on your skip is an additional barrier that fly tippers will have to penetrate. Most fly tippers won’t want to spend the extra time it takes to remove the cover and potentially give themselves away.

3. A skip cover will help reduce unpleasant odours emanating from your skip. This is vital if your business is open to the public, or the skip is outside a home. This also helps deter rodents.

4. They also prevent rain from filling up your skip. Rain will increase the weight of your skip and reduce the capacity - which will increase your costs. A skip full of rain will also smell more and attract more rodents. Any moisture in your skip will cause any food or perishables to rot more quickly.

5. A cover will act as a deterrent to unauthorised access to your skip. If you are using your skip to collect scrap metal or any other valuable items, unscrupulous individuals might be to raid your skip. Not only can this be a financial loss for you, you maybe be held liable for any injuries that arise from criminals stealing from your skip.