5 Top Tips When Using Cash Bags

1. Decide between using an opaque bag or a translucent one. Opaque bags have the advantage of hiding your cash, so it is not on display to potential thieves. Opaque bags are often the better option when transporting your cash in an external environment and anywhere a stranger might see it. 

Translucent bags have some advantages of their own, the contents can be checked without destroying the seal, which is a major advantage when going through customs, or any other security checkpoint. It also means you won’t necessarily need to label your cash bags.

2. Use a thick enough bag. You really want them to be 30 microns or thicker. Any thinner and they run the risk of tearing. You don’t want to be spilling your cash everywhere. Thicker bags might be slightly more expensive, but the added durability more than makes up for the minor cost increase.

3. Make sure they have a proper tamper proof seal on them. You can always tell if a proper seal has been opened. They are one use only. Once they’ve been opened, they cannot be used again.

Cheaper bags can have inferior seals on them, which is a major security flaw. Check with your supplier to make sure the bags are of the highest quality.

4. Use a big enough bag. You don’t want to cram too much into one bag, it runs the risk of splitting. A bulging bag is also more appealing to thieves.

At Packsource we have a variety of bag sizes to choose from. The
I2 security bag is great for cash and smaller items, and the larger I4 security bag is better suited for documents and medium sized objects. The I5 security bag is the largest we offer, suitable for larger objects.

5. Buy from a reputable seller. Here at Packsource we make sure all our bags are made to the highest standards, and sold at a reasonable price.

Not every supplier is so diligent though, the market is full of cheap low quality bags that split easy and have inferior seals on them.