What is an Acoustic Cover

An acoustic cover is a sound dampening protective cover designed to reduce the noise generated by roll cages. The thick noise suppressing fabric absorbs the loud clanking sounds cages produce when in use. This is particularly useful when making deliveries in residential area’s in unsociable hours. The clanking sounds generating by cages in transit can very easily lead to noise complaints from the neighbours. Other areas that where excessive noise can disturb the public include hospitals, schools, sheltered accommodation, libraries, scientific installations and theatres,

In addition to protecting the public, acoustic covers can be helpful in preventing hearing loss in your employees. Employees pushing and pulling cages all day long are often exposed to high levels of noise, which can be damaging to their ears. Ear protection is not always an option (someone wearing ear protection is not going to be able to hear traffic properly), and the acoustic cover makes a great alternative.

The acoustic cover also provides some physical protection: it is a thick cover that will prevent some damage from occurring when the cages are involved in collisions.